How To Use The MEL-860 In Ghost Hunters Corp

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How To Use The MEL-860 In Ghost Hunters Corp

The MEL-860 is an interesting device in Ghost Hunters Corp that’s not seen in Phasmophobia. The purpose of the MEL-860 is to detect occult energy and temperature. While there is a thermometer in Ghost Hunters Corp, it is nice to have an item that detects temperature as you’re walking around looking for occult energy.

How To Use The MEL-860 In Ghost Hunters Corp?

Ghost Hunters Corp Training Area Marking On Wall

If you go into the training area and take your first room to the right, you’ll see some interesting markings on the wall. These are examples of wall writing or wall drawing. Think of the Ghost Writing Book in Phasmophobia, except these can also occur on the wall.

Ghost Hunters Corp MEL-860

Pick up the MEL-860 on the table to the right. Above, you’ll read the description:

A compact device that can detect the presence of nearby paranormal occult energies (Occ) as well as the surrounding temperature. It is very practical to identify interesting parts in Large buildings. It detects Pentacles, Cursed Objects, Wallwriting, Orbs.

You can test this by turning on the MEL-860 and notice you’re only getting occult energy in the single digits. However, if you walk up to the wall, the occult energy will spike. This is very useful in determining the area around occult energy.

How To Obtain The MEL-860 In Ghost Hunters Corp?

Ghost Hunters Corp Obtain the MEL-860

You might not see the MEL-860 for a couple of games because it requires you to be level 6 to purchase. It will also cost 130, so you’ll need to save up your money after a couple of games to purchase one. When you open your Ghost Market, you’ll see the Ghost Scan category. The first item there is the MEL-860.

Have you used the MEL-860 in Ghost Hunters Corp?

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