How To use The Automatic Writing Book In Ghost Hunters Corp

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How To use The Automatic Writing Book In Ghost Hunters Corp

If you’ve played Phasmophobia, you already know about how a ghost hunting book works. In Phasmophobia, you place the book down and hope the ghost interacts with it so you know what ghost type it is. The automatic writing book in Ghost Hunters Corps is similar to the one in Phasmophobia.

What Is The Automatic Writing Book In Ghost Hunters Corps?

Ghost Hunters Corp Automatic Writing guide

If you walk into the training area and go straight ahead, you’ll see some tables to the right. The first item you’ll see is the Automatic Writing Book. According to the description:

This book supplied with a pencil allows for the entity to interact. However it’s strongly recommended to vocally ask them to use it. According to the attributes of the spirit, they will use textual writing or drawing. The entity uses the energy of the Hunter to write in the book, so it is recommended that you keep the book in hand for the entity to use.

How To Use The Automatic Writing Book

Ghost Hunters Corp Automatic Holding the book

The book in Phasmophobia can sometimes be written in when you’re holding it. However, Ghost Hunters Corp recommends the hunter hold the book in their hands as the ghost draws from the energy of the hunter to write in the book.

How To Get The Automatic Writing Book In Ghost Hunters Corp

Ghost Hunters Corp Buy Automatic Writing Book

You’re not going to have the Automatic Writing Book right away. If you want to get the Automatic Writing Book, you have to obtain level four. Fortunately, the Automatic Writing Book isn’t very expensive. It only costs 20 currency. That means you can have a couple of them in your storage in case you lose them during a hunt.

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