How To Use Observe In Omori?

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How To Use Observe In Omori

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After defeating Boss and getting prompted to head to Basil’s house, you’ll notice Shawn and Ren are now lying on the grass after their vigorous workout.

Omori Video Game Shawn Wanna Join Us Omori

If you click on Shawn, they will ask if Omori wants to lay down and look at the sky. The sky in Omori is an abstractly drawn space, but it’s very unique.

Omori Video Game Omori Learned Observe

After observing the sky with Shawn, Omori will learn “Observe.”

What Is Observe?

When you open your menu and hover over to the skills tab, you’ll see Omori now has the Observe skill.

Omori Observe Means Who Will taget Next Turn

“Predicts who a foe will target next turn.”

How Do You Use Observe?

When you’re in battle, you open the skill menu to use Observe. Observe doesn’t cost any juice and is useful when you need to go on the defensive. The Omori battle system doesn’t rely on only hitting attack until the monster is dead. There is a bit of strategy involved.

If you want to look ahead and see who the monster is about to attack so you can take precautionary measures such as loading up a heal, then Observe is a decent skill to use.

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