How To Use A Crucifix In Phasmophobia

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How To Use A Crucifix In Phasmophobia
How To Use A Crucifix In Phasmophobia

If you’ve ever watched some streamers playing Phasmophobia, they’re walking around a location holding a crucifix in their hand as if it’s going to work anything like it would in the movies. Sorry, random Twitch streamer, saying the words “the power of Christ compels you” while holding the crucifix will not stop a ghost.

How Does The Crucifix In Phasmophobia Work

Despite some reports that throwing the crucifix at the ghost as its hunting works, that is not confirmed. The crucifix in Phasmophobia works like this:

  • Drop the crucifix where you believe the ghost will spawn near.
  • The range of the crucifix is 3 meters.
  • For banshees, the range of the crucifix is 5 meters.
  • If the ghost begins a hunt, and is within the crucifix’s range, it will immediately stop and become passive again.
  • Even if the crucifix is in the ghost’s room, it will still hunt if it’s outside the 3 meters.
  • The crucifix only has two charges.

Once the crucifix uses up both charges, it will disappear. You can only bring two crucifixes per round. That means once you find the ghost’s location, you should strategically place the crucifix in different parts of the ghost’s room for a better chance of stopping a hunt while you’re still getting set up or gathering evidence.

The crucifix in Phasmophobia is $30 and is not one of the starter items you receive after training.

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