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The monumental series “grand theft auto” which is used for motor vehicle theft in the United States was framed by Dailly and Jones. After that titles were given under the supervision of Sam and Dan Hauser, Aaron Garbutt and Leslie Benzis. It is developed by Rockstar North and issued by a company, Rockstar Games.

In March 2015 the grand theft auto was updated and heist missions were at first added as a part of GTA online. Latterly it was diversified, although in the magnified version of the only game, as a segment of Doomsday heist updates.

The Facility in a doomsday heist

Unlike the previous versions of the heist, in order to proceed in a doomsday heist, you will need a facility launched by a CEO or VIP Organization, or being in a Motorcycle Club and the CEO/MC/VIP President. The facility is required in order to complete all the complicated missions in the doomsday heist. You can find the facility on Maze bank where you can choose according to your desire from the given nine facilities

A minimum of two players is required to complete the mission. Unlike the previous heist, a doomsday heist is composed of three acts which players need to formulate and set up for, then do a multiple impenetrable heist mission.

Preparation Mission

Prep mission has necessary equipment requires to unlock a setup mission. Firstly, players must get instruments in order to go ahead a doomsday heist. The crew members can complete the mission in different ways like by snatching and stealing the weapons of rivals, launching the Free mode or by directly buying the equipment.

The team consists of one heist leader and members of two to eight players to collect or arrange the assets for the setup mission.

Free-mode Prep

The team members of the organization were awarded the free mode tasks to get the assets and weapons. The mission will be successful as long as the equipment is delivered to the facility.

Setup mission

The setup mission is more complicated and cannot be carried out in free mode. The team leader will not get any relaxation, but the other team members will.

The Finale heist

This is the peak point and crew members need consistent communication to do the tricky tasks
Doomsday heist is composed of three Acts phase

  1. Act One “The Data Breaches”
  2. Act Two “The Bogdan Problem”
  3. Act Three “The Data Scenario”

Act 1: The Data Breaches

Paramedic Equipment

In this situation, the team members allocate a target place where they go and steal an ambulance containing the desired equipment and they take it to the facility.

The following locations were allocated to the crew members:
– Banham Canyon
– Cassidy Creek
– Mount Gordo

Sports Car

The teammates are instructed to go to a country house where the group of security is looking after the sports car. The crew has to get rid of the security group and take charge of security to find the country house key of the garage.

After finding the key, inside the garage, a small group of the guard is also protecting the target vehicles. The team members have to shoot down all the security groups and take target cars to the Los Santos Customs for required and number change and then drop ship to the facility.

Akula Chopper

Limited crew members go to the base control tower having a military uniform, shoot down the tower officer and get the data of Akula Chopper. With the data they get and the helicopter, get rid of the cops and deliver it to the facility.

Act 2: The Bogdan Problem

It is the doomsday heist update and is the greatest feature in grand theft auto online. After collecting the necessary assets and data team members are ready to go to a submarine and destroy the Bogdan.

Riot Van

The crew members steal the riot van of the police that contain certain key cards to approach the hangers. The team must cop to steal the van and then they deliver it to the facility.

Rescue ULP

The crew members clued up that IAA agent ULP was abducted by the drug smuggler and they need to secure his whereabout. The players have to find the bag and rescue themselves from dealers and deliver it to the facility

Here the team divides into two parts

·         Air Support

·         Submarine team

Air Support

Once the Submarine team get into the submarine the other team has to guard it and fly above it for the protection.  The defenders always stay alert for any rival attack.

Submarine Team

This team has to get into the Stromberg and pass to the submarine after get right of entry to get inside. While fighting to the rival agents, they have also found a contact. Then through the radio, they hear the voice of Bogdan signaling them, they are making a dreadful mistake and claims that he is fighting for humanity.

The crew members get the target vehicles and deliver to the facility.

Act 3: The Doomsday Scenario

Cash bag

During a sting operation, a bag full of cash was monitored by FIB. The team members were informed of the bag, where they lose the cops the deliver the bag to the facility.

Team members go the Pacific, Allied Shipyard where they take the photographs of the area which is the part of the deal. They take photographs of side doors, interiors, water, etc. After that, they need to send these images to the dealer to accomplish their task.


The team members are then directed to go to the Merryweather Security camp, where they get training exercise with Chernobog ballistic missile truck. So that they drop the reinforcement easily and move the vehicle to a facility.

Test site

The team was informed that rivals rented a house where they have to go and get a laptop hidden in a lockbox. They do so and return to the facility with the device.

Computer on Hydra

The team members instructed that there is an on-board computer on the hydra jet, which has to destroy because it can get inside into missile system. Therefore, they have to find it and crashed it, but recover the module and return to the facility.

Image credit: Rockstar Games.

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