How To Solve The Clock Puzzle In The Medium?

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How To Solve The Clock Puzzle In The Medium

While there are some smaller puzzles in The Medium, the clock puzzle seems like the first real puzzle you encounter in the game.

The Medium Game Guide - Marianne Listen Hun You Said You Remembered Someone Named Thomas

After finding sadness upstairs, Marianne insists on speaking to the man who called her (who she discovered was the manager of Niwa resort).

The Medium Game Guide - Marianne Opens The Room To Thomas His Office

When Marianne opens the room to Thomas’ office, Sadness disappears. This is when you’re free to roam the office itself.

The Medium Game Guide - Marianne Stands In The Office Of Thomas

Head behind the desk where you’ll find a note and other items, like a flashlight.

The Medium Game Guide - Find Thomas And Investigate Thomas His Office

The important thing to pick up behind this desk is a small key. It’s not big enough to fit in a door, but it could open something else.

The Medium Game Guide - Finding The Switch In Thomas His Cabinet

If you go to the cabinet in the corner, open it, and use your insight ability, you’ll find a switch. However, there’s no power going to it, but you do notice the cable runs further behind the cabinet, but how do you power it?

The Medium Game Guide - Grandfather Clock

Find the grandfather clock in the office. Combine the small key you found on the desk with the clock.

The Medium Game Guide - Small Key Fits Grandfather Clock

You’ll notice that when you start moving the hands of the clock, you’ll start to see the spirit world rewind or fast-forward.

The Medium Game Guide - Grandfathers Clockhands Are Moving

When you move to around 9:25, you’ll get the first imprint. You can leave the clock and examine the imprint for dialogue.

The Medium Game Guide - Look At The Imprint For Dialogue

Continue moving the click hand to 8:55, where the room takes a completely different shape, and another imprint appears.

The Medium Game Guide - Moving The Clockhand Changes The Imprint

Move the hand to around 7:05 for another imprint.

The Medium Game Guide - Again Moving The Clockhand Changes The Imprint

When you move the hand to 6:45, the doorway in the spirit world will open.

The Medium Game Guide - Marianne Someone Tried Real Hard To Keep This Place Secret

Use your out-of-body ability to move Marianne through the doorway.

The Medium Game Guide - Fusebox

You’ll notice another fuse box that needs to be powered. However, there’s no spirit well nearby.

The Medium Game Guide - At 4 O Clock Thomas Imprint

If you move the clock to 4:00 exactly, you’ll see another imprint of Thomas with a spirit well. Use it to collect energy.

The Medium Game Guide - Collecting Energy

Move the clock hand back, so the door opens.

The Medium Game Guide - Opening The Door

Use your out-out-body again to power the fuse box.

The Medium Game Guide - Marianne Okay Let Us Get The Rest Of Me In There

Now, you can head through the secret door in the real world with Marianne.

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