How To Setup The Video Camera In Phasmophobia?

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How To Setup The Video Camera In Phasmophobia
How To Setup The Video Camera In Phasmophobia

The DSLR camera, otherwise known as the video camera in Phasmophobia, is used to transmit live video back into the truck.

What Is The Video Camera In Phasmophobia For?

The video camera is extra surveillance for the person inside the truck. It’s an extra pair of eyes in the ghost room, apart from the head-mounted camera.

  • The video camera can check for ghost orbs.
  • The video camera can see the ghost itself when it spawns.
  • Players can cycle through different video cameras.

Where You Place The Video Camera?

The video camera is placed on any flat surface. To do so, you would need to:

  1. Aim your mouse where you want the camera to go.
  2. You will see a preview of the camera on the surface.
  3. Hold down the left mouse button to rotate the camera to look in the direction you want it to.
  4. Press “F” once the camera is faced in the right direction.

How To Use The Video Camera With The Tripod?

Eventually, you’re going to need a tripod for areas with no reliable surface to place a video camera where you can see everything. Ensure the camera is turned on with the right mouse button before placing the camera down on the tripod by pressing F.

This is a good option for players who don’t want to enter a room directly too. They can set it up right outside the room. However, it’s probably best to have someone light a smudge stick since the tripod takes up a hand so you can enter the room safely to place cameras to see every angle of the room.

Tripods in Phasmophobia are $25 each, and your truck can carry a maximum amount of 5. The video cameras are $50 each, and the truck can carry a maximum amount of 6.

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