How To Save In Omori?

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How To Save In Omori

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Save points are not a thing of the past and while other games give players the option to save whenever they want, others still use the old save point system. Omori is an indie psychological-horror game on Steam that runs like one of the best RPG Maker-made games we’ve seen, so far, but we had a hard time figuring out how to save the game at first.

When Can You Save In Omori?

Omori Screen Video Game

When we started the game, we had to immediately go AFK, but didn’t want the game running. We didn’t want to inflate our game time and wanted our Steam game time to reflect how much time we actually spent actively on the game. We were looking through the options but couldn’t find a place to save in Omori’s menu.

Where Can You Save In Omori?

Omori You Know How To Find Me

Unfortunately, for those who want to save within the first couple of minutes into the game, you’re not able to save in Omori until you get out of the first area. You need to get to the playground scene where you have a picnic with Mari and Basil.

Once the cutscene is over, and you need to move on to the next area, Mari will prompt you to save by clicking on her picnic basket.

Omori Game Save

Clicking on the picnic basket prompts players to save the game. Once you click save, you’ll be able to pick up from that point if you need to close Omori.

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