How To Overcome Omori’s Fear Of Drowning?

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How To Overcome Omori’s Fear Of Drownin

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Omori has a fear of drowning. It’s obvious by the visual cues of anxiety as you get close to water.

Omori Video Game Beach Ladder

These anxiety cues go away if you step away from the ladder on the beach, where you can build sandcastles with friends. It’s obvious you need to go into the water at some point to progress through the story, but once you see these entrails, it means it’s not the time. You’ll notice similar dark hands whenever Omori is faced with anxiety.

Omori Video Game Beach Ladder Night

However, if there’s anything we learn from these scenes, it’s that Omori ends up overcoming them with some deep breathing and pep talk from his friends.

Does Omori Overcome His Fear Of Drowning?

Omori Video Game Beach Ladder By Day

If you’re at a point where you feel you’re stuck and the only way to go is to the water, then you missed something. You’ll need to backtrack and make sure you have everything done you need to do. That’s because Omori eventually overcomes his fear of drowning as you progress through the game, so it shouldn’t be an issue, eventually.

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