How To Make Phasmophobia Even Creepier

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How To Make Phasmophobia Even Creepier
How To Make Phasmophobia Even Creepier

With all the different ghosts in Phasmophobia, it’s already one of the scariest games we know of. Of course, after the initial shock of this early access indie-horror title, we feel they could do more to make the game even creepier.

Ghosts Can Mimic Player’s Voices

Instead of having the ghost make gurgling sounds in the ear, how creepy would it be if the ghost mimicked our voices back to us? It would be random to make us jump, but imagine if we were asking questions and we heard ourselves (except a bit more demonic) back into our own ears?

Child Or Bride Ghosts

For some reason, pop culture has made children and brides scary. Maybe it’s because of the bridezilla stereotype? Either way, they’re terrifying in a horror setting. There’s already a child-sized ghost in Phasmophobia, but imagine if there were creepier children in the game? Turning into a hallway and seeing a child standing at the end for a split second or have a bride veil disappear into a room in the darkness.

Seeing Creepier Things With Lower Sanity

Sanity doesn’t have too much of an effect on players except that it makes the ghost hunt more often. However, sanity is sanity, and the lower sanity we have the more insane we should become. Imagine walls dripping with blood, creepier visions no one else can see (who have higher sanity), or hearing voices no one else can hear.

More Violent Ghosts

There’s only one death animation in Phasmophobia right now, but we’ll forgive the developer; it’s still in its early access. It would be nice to see entire chairs and tables randomly getting thrown against walls instead of having a plate gently thrown off a counter.

Scratch Marks Instead Of Fingerprints

They need to be careful with this suggestion because they don’t want to give away a more violent ghost too easily, but some rounds should have glowing scratch marks against walls or doors instead of the generic handprint.

Scarier Jump Scares

Phasmophobia doesn’t have traditional jump scares. Some things will startle easily jumpy players, but there’s nothing that really jumps out at you in Phasmophobia if you think about it. Yeah, the ghost may randomly appear in front of you, but that’s about it. Have a player click a camera to take a picture only for the ghost to appear in the flash for a split second.

What are some ways you can think of to make Phasmophobia even creepier?

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