How To Make Money In Phasmophobia

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How To Make Money In Phasmophobia
How To Make Money In Phasmophobia

Hunting ghosts is the main objective of Phasmophobia. You’re hired to find the type of ghost the location is dealing with, but that’s not the only way to make money in the game. No one wants to risk their lives in a haunted location dealing with the spirit of a violent ghost for $30. We could easily work two or three hours at a fast-food restaurant for that kind of money, and the only risk we deal with is getting oil splashed in our face.

Does The Type Of Ghost Matter?

No, the type of ghost you’re dealing with doesn’t matter. You could hunt something relatively passive like a shade or something extra aggressive like a demon and still get paid the same in the end. The money comes from completing all the optional objectives, getting photo evidence, getting bone evidence, or any insurance money. Let’s take an in-depth look at the contract payment in Phasmophobia and how to maximize your earnings.

The Contract Payment Screen

The contract payment screen has the following points:

  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • Objective 3
  • Objective 4
  • Photos
  • Bone Evidence
  • Insurance
  • The ghost type
  • Total x difficulty multiplayer
Phasmophobia Contract Payment Overview
Phasmophobia Contract Payment Overview

Now let’s take a closer look at each point.


There are four (optional) objectives you can accomplish per round. They’re not necessary to win the round. However, you’re not maximizing your earning potential in Phasmophobia if you’re not getting them. You only have four objectives per round, and they’re random from a total list of ten objectives:

  1. Get a ghost to walk through salt.
  2. Prevent the ghost from hunting with a crucifix.
  3. Cleanse the area near the ghost with smudge sticks.
  4. Detect a ghost’s presence with a motion sensor.
  5. Detect a room below 10 celsius (50 Fahrenheit) with a thermometer.
  6. Find evidence of the paranormal with an EMF reader.
  7. Discover what type of ghost we are dealing with (this is always static).
  8. Have a member of your team witness a ghost event.
  9. Capture a photo of the ghost.
  10. Capture a photo of dirty water in a sink.

What Counts As A Ghost Event?

The following counts as ghost events (these are not the same as interactions):

  • A non-hunt manifestation (visual).
  • The ghost’s voice.
  • Disembodied noises.

These three do not count towards a ghostly interaction.

Phasmophobia Ghost Interaction Photo
Phasmophobia Ghost Interaction Photo

When you take a photo of a ghost interaction, you’ll see the word “interaction” above the photo in the journal. Each interaction is $5 and is multiplied by whichever difficulty you’re playing on. Ghost interactions in Phasmophobia include (but are not limited to):

  • A door opening or closing
  • Taking a photo of a Voodoo Doll interaction
  • Taking a photo of a filled-in ghostwriting book or lit-up EMF reader

Taking A Photo Of Bone Evidence

Bones are difficult to find because they can spawn anywhere on every contract. They are out in the open or inside of a locker. It’s worth looking for a bone during a round because it adds decent money and experience to optimize your total payout:

Amateur: 15$ and 15XP
Bone Evidence: 10$ and 10XP
Photo Evidence: 5$ and 5XP

Intermediate: 30$ and 30XP
Bone Evidence: 20$ and 20XP
Photo Evidence: 10$ and 10XP

Professional: 45$ and 45XP
Bone Evidence: 30$ and 30XP
Photo Evidence: 15$ and 15XP

Taking A Photo Of The Ouija Board

Ouija boards only have a 33% chance to spawn on a location. Here is the list of current Ouija board locations in Phasmophobia:

Taking a photo of an active Ouija board (meaning the ghost has answered), players get $5.

Taking A Photo of Dirty Water

You don’t need the dirty water objective to get credit for taking a picture of dirty water. Players still get money at the end of the round. If you have the dirty water optional objective, you get more money at the end. However, getting water is difficult if the ghost’s room is far from a fillable sink. If the ghost is territorial, like a Jinn, it may never leave the room at all, meaning there’s a possibility you can’t get dirty water that round.

Interactions With Footprints and Fingerprints

The best way to see footprints in Phasmophobia is by placing salt in the ghost room and putting down the glowsticks. When the ghost steps in the salt, it will create a path of footprints to take a photo of. This photo will count as an interaction. The following ghost types leave fingerprints or handprints on a door, light switch, or window:

Keep in mind, footprints do not count as handprint evidence, but they will get you extra money at the end of the round.


Players should aim to keep their insurance payout at $0 at the end of the round. If a player gets insurance money, that means they died on amateur or intermediate difficulty. Players will get nothing for insurance on professional difficulty. On amateur difficulty, players get 50% of the value of their lost items, and on intermediate difficulty, they only get 25% of the value. Taking a photo of a dead body (a player killed by the ghost) will get $5 at the end of the round.

Objective Number One

The main objective for each map is to find out the type of ghost you’re dealing with. Even if you get the ghost type wrong, you’ll still get money for the other objectives. However, the reward for the main objective scales based on the size of the map you’re playing on, so it’s best to get the main objective if you want to maximize your earnings.

Right now, money doesn’t do much except buy items. If you never die, you could sit on thousands of dollars while we wait for the developer to add more content. One suggestion is to have temporarily purchasable items to use each round, so money in Phasmophobia has more value. What do you want to see done with the money system in the game?

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