How to Make Friends and Deceive Crewmates

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How to Make Friends and Deceive Crewmates
How to Make Friends and Deceive Crewmates

The Impostor guide train has left the station and it doesn’t stop. As we’ve mentioned many times already, being an Impostor is one of the most demanding roles because it requires paying attention to a variety of aspects of Among Us at once. You need to watch where, when and who you kill. You also need to be aware of when to use the various tools you have at your disposal.

Even if you manage to master all of these elements, there’s one more frontier you need to cross in order to be a truly unstoppable Impostor; you must master the art of deception. In this post, we’ve got all the sneaky tips and manipulation tricks to turn you into a master deceiver in Among Us.

Follow Accusations

Accusers usually garner the most attention once discussions start. A lot of Crewmates will begin to ask questions and scrutinize. Be one of these people. Showing apathy may keep you alive for a bit but eventually, everyone around you will wonder why you’re so quiet. Be quite careful about agreeing and disagreeing with the accuser as them being wrong could get them and then you ejected.

Be Average

When you’re starting to play in a fresh server with people who don’t know your playstyle, you’ll want to be quite average in your approach. This means talk a bit, then stay quiet for a while. Or vice versa. You want to be somewhat ambiguous when you’re in a new server and starting a new game. This will make people second guess voting for you which means you can be a step closer towards earning their trust.

Stay the Same

When playing in a server that’s been going for a while, you’ll be tempted to switch your playstyle up to “throw people off”. This isn’t a good strategy. For one, if you’re quiet as a Crewmate and super chatty as an Impostor then people will quickly figure you out. Having consistency across your roles when playing with the same people is vital in maintaining some ambiguity when things aren’t as clear cut.

Accuse Sparingly

Nobody likes an accuser in any life situation and the same principle can be applied to Among Us. If you’re an Impostor, you want to lay off the finger-pointing as that will attract a lot of attention your way. It’s especially bad when your accusation gets an innocent Crewmate ejected as most people tend to eject the accuser next in this situation. Accuse when you know you’ve got a sure thing, like when you’re at the final 4 and you’ve got another Impostor to fall back on for strength in numbers.

Sheath Your Knife

This might sound like we’re taking away all the fun but one of the best ways to convince others around you that you’re not an Impostor is to not kill. On top of that, insist on playing the pacifist and encourage people to skip votes. This can be an especially powerful tool towards the later stages of a game when you’re outnumbered.

Speak Fast

A short one but a good one. If you’re caught killing someone and the report button is hit, be the first person to speak. Let’s say Orange saw you, Red, kill Cyan. Don’t wait for Orange to speak after he’s reported. Accuse them of self-reporting and work on getting people on your side. You’re already in a pickle so might as well pull out all the stops.

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