How to Hide Your Player Name in Among Us

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How to Hide Your Player Name in Among Us
How to Hide Your Player Name in Among Us

There’s a neat little trick you can do in Among Us. You can play the game without a name floating on top of your character’s head. It’s called the blank name trick and it’s quite easy to do. By having a blank name, you can give yourself all kinds of advantages, especially as an Impostor. You can hide behind furniture and other objects which will enable you to do kills without getting noticed.

Giving yourself a blank name is quite easy to do on both mobile and PC. But first, let’s discuss the elephant in the room.

Is This Cheating?

It depends on your perspective. On the one hand, the developers likely never intended for people to walk around the game nameless. There’s no real option in the game to turn on. It requires you to add a symbol into the name space that isn’t readily available on a keyboard. Also, the benefits are quite situational. There are only a few places in two out of three of the maps that have objects you can hide behind. Then you have to wait for someone to walk close enough for you to take them out.

If you feel it’s cheating then ignore the rest of this post. Else, feel free to read on as it can be quite a bit of fun.

How to Hide Your Player Name

As we mentioned above, getting a blank name in Among Us requires for you to input a blank space into the name space before you start entering games. The problem is that the game won’t allow you to physically type a space with the spacebar. What it will allow you to do, though is paste a space into it. Follow the steps below:

  1. Highlight the space between the two quotation marks: “ㅤ“
  2. Right-click copy or hit ctrl+C (or tap copy on mobile)
  3. Go into the game and paste into the name field
  4. Now enter a game and hey presto! You’ve got a blank name.

You’ll know this worked when you see the cursor in the name field move forward. What’s happening here is a bit of Unicode text trickery. Among Us won’t allow you to enter a regular space into the name field. What it will accept, however, is this Unicode symbol that looks like a space to you and me.

Final Word

This is a harmless trick you can use when playing Among Us and it can make for some funny or devious moments when the right conditions are met. Keep in mind that some people may get upset if you successfully kill them from a hiding spot and may label you a cheater. While you may object to this criticism, it’s best to just have a bit of fun and go back to having a name instead of going overboard and ruining other people’s fun.

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