How To Help Your Crew Win as a Ghost in Among Us

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How To Help Your Crew Win as a Ghost in Among Us
How To Help Your Crew Win as a Ghost in Among Us

Dying in a social game is never fun. In most of them, you don’t have anything to do outside of observing the game unfold and keeping your mouth shut. Among Us, fortunately, gives you things to do depending on which team you’re in. This means you can also help your teammates win to some degree. You can’t quite point out who the Impostors are but you can provide a tiny bit of ghostly influence that’s enough to keep you engaged for the rest of the game.

Here’s how you can help your team win while you’re a ghost.

Crewmate Ghosts

Do Your Tasks

Crewmate ghosts in Among Us can’t just sit and twiddle their thumbs. They’ve got tasks to carry out, even from the grave. If you’ve been killed and still have items on your to-do list, it’s a good idea to go ahead and complete them. This will contribute to your team’s progress. Because you can pass through walls, getting to your tasks is also super fast so you’ve got an advantage in that respect.

But be careful…

Do Visual Tasks Alone

When you do visual tasks as a ghost in Among Us, the animation plays out without you there. That means swiping cards, shooting asteroids and emptying the trash will all play out as normal without a player model standing there. This means that if an Impostor notices you doing them, they can make it appear as though they did it. To avoid this happening, you need to make sure that you’re not doing visual tasks without other people around you, especially the Impostor who killed you.

Impostor Ghosts

Sabotage from the Grave

Crewmates aren’t the only ghosts that can participate in the game. Impostor ghosts in Among Us can also help their teammates achieve victory by way of Sabotages. Since you have the advantage of seeing where everyone is quite quickly, you can pick the right moments to perform a big Sabotage, like reactor meltdown and oxygen depletion. The best time is when you know your fellow Impostors are about to go in for a kill. You can even lock Crewmates out of an area by shutting doors to give your teammates time to kill and vent out.

Mind the Cooldowns

One thing to keep in mind is that aside from doors, all other Sabotages are linked across Impostors, including dead ones. This means that when you perform a fatal sabotage, it will go on cooldown that could cost a teammate the game if done incorrectly. This is why it’s best to either pick a time when your teammate is performing a kill and is about to be found out or just let them handle the big Sabotages while you take care of doors.

Final Word

Being able to still participate in the game even after you’re killed is one of Among Us’s biggest innovations in the genre of social games. Sadly, lots of people still leave after they get killed but hopefully this guide will give you more of a reason to stick out your games even when you’re the first to get stabbed or ejected.

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