How To Get The Picnic Achievement In Omori

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How To Get The Picnic Achievement In Omori

Omori has an achievement called “Anytime is a good time for a picnic!” and, if you haven’t guessed by now, it has something to do with Mari’s picnic blankets.

Omori Mari Picnic Blanket

If you’re unsure where to save in Omori you can read our guide on Mari’s picnic blankets.

Getting The “Anytime is a good time for a picnic!” Achievement In Omori

Omori - Mari - You all came just in time for a lovely picnic

Many players believe that to get the “Anytime is a good time for a picnic!” achievement in Omori, you simply need to save at each picnic blanket.

Unfortunately, there’s more to the achievement than speaking to Mari. You also have to keep in mind that not every picnic blanket has Mari there. There are some picnic blankets whose sole purpose is to restore your health and save the game before a big boss and, unfortunately, Mari isn’t there to give her sage advice.

Omori Mari Picnic Basket

Now, if you want to get the “Anytime is a good time for a picnic!” achievement, you will have to click on the other items besides the picnic basket. The items on Mari’s picnic restore the party’s health.

Sometimes it’s tempting just to save and soldier on to get through the game, but if you want the picnic achievement in Omori, you need to take a couple of seconds of respite and consume the food at Mari’s blanket.

If you’re already further in the game, that means you need to do a bit of backtracking to picnic blankets you missed early on in Omori.

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