How To Get The Bees Achievement In Omori

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How To Get The Bees Achievement In Omori

Many players are confused about getting the Bees achievement in Omori. The achievement is a bit vague and all we really know is that we need to defeat bees in Faraway Park when Sunny is awake, but where can we find the bees in Omori?

Where Do You Find The Bees In Omori?

Omori achievement - Do You Find The Bees In Omori

Once you’ve done what you’ve needed or wanted to do in Faraway Park you can head to the back near the tetherball. If you look close enough, you’ll see a beehive hanging between two trees. If you click it, you will receive a message asking if you want to disturb the bee hive. Make sure Kel and Sunny have full health before disturbing the bees in Faraway Park.

Getting The “Bees…” Achievement In Omori

Omori - What will Sunny and Kel do with the wasps

Despite being called a “Bees…” achievement, you’re actually fighting wasps and they’re going to get a couple of shots in that do moderate damage before you can start attacking. That’s why we suggest making sure Kel and Sunny go into the fight with full health. Fortunately, they are weak and can die after one hit with Kel’s basketball.

Once you defeat the wasps you will receive the “Bees…” achievement in Omori.

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