How To Get Passed Snaley In Omori?

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How To Get Passed Snaley In Omori
How To Get Passed Snaley In Omori

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If you’re entering the Otherworld in Omori for the first time, it’s only natural to want to explore. I didn’t go directly into the town after I hit Mari’s save point when you first get in. I decided to explore a little to the east towards the lake. However, I came across a curious creature known as “Snaley” in my way.

Omori Video Game Welcome Snaley 005

When you first walk up to Snaley, it asks you if it’s in your way. It quickly apologizes before saying it will move over.

However, if you step aside to move around it, it simply slides into your way.

Clearly, it’s not sorry for being in your way, but how do you get around Snaley?

How To Get Around Snaley In Omori?

Omori Video Game Space Pirate Guy

Once you get over your frustration with Snaley and its lying ways, you have to make your way to a curious-looking ship-turned-home full of space pirates and their leader, Space Boyfriend.

Omori Video Game Special Mixtape

After “meeting” Space Boyfriend, you’re sent on a mission to find his special mixtape to cure his lovesickness.

Omori Video Game Junk Yard

You’re given a key to a junkyard before a door opens up for you to grant you access to Space Boyfriend’s backyard.

Omori Video Game Ladder

Omori Video Game Backpack Time

After crossing a bridge, you’re put into an area with one monster. However, you’ll notice a path leading south.

Omori Video Game Meeting Snaley

Follow this path to find that you’re behind Snaley, and it acts like it wasn’t a jerk to you initially.

We’ll remember this Snaley.

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