How To Get Out Of The White Space The Second Time In Omori?

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How To Get Out Of The White Space The Second Time In Omori
How To Get Out Of The White Space The Second Time In Omori

Part One Written Guide

Part Two Written Guide

Part One Gameplay

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Warning: Spoilers ahead

After a cute hide-and-seek game in the park, you have to rescue Basil from the grips of Boss. Once everything is settled at the park, Omori, Basil, Mel, and Hero make their way south towards Basil’s house. You’ll need to defeat an old sprout mole before moving into a forested area with Basil’s shoe house. After a short scene involving the photo album, you’ll get a good scare before getting thrown into the white space again.

The Second Time In The White Space

Once you’re in the white space again, you won’t see a door. You can still walk around the white space and interact with the computer, the tissue box, and the sketchbook. Clicking on the cat a couple of times gets a few different dialogue changes before it starts saying the same thing a couple of times.

White Space In Omori
White Space In Omori

When we were in the white space the second time, we walked around wondering if there was an item we needed to pick up.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t one. The only way to get out of the white space again is to open your menu. You’ll see a disturbing option.

The first option you’ll see at the top left of the menu is “stab.”

That means the only way for Omori to leave the white space the second time is to stab himself. Once you do, you’ll move on to the next part of the prologue.

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