How To Get Freezing Temperatures In Phasmophobia

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How To Get Freezing Temperatures In Phasmophobia
How To Get Freezing Temperatures In Phasmophobia

Imagine walking through your own home and feeling relatively warm, only to walk into a room and being able to see your own breath. Without a thermometer, it’s easy to see freezing temperatures in Phasmophobia, but what if you’re certain the last piece of evidence you need is freezing temperatures, and you’re not getting it at all, there are a couple of things to try.

Not Getting Freezing Temps In Phasmophobia

Sometimes, not getting freezing temperatures is an issue in Phasmophobia.

  • Some claim smaller bathrooms are bugged and don’t have freezing temps when they do.
  • If you believe you should have freezing temperatures, then have someone stir up ghost activity. This is not a confirmed method for getting freezing temperatures, but it’s worth a try.
  • If the ghost wanders a lot, then check the entire area around the ghost room from the hallways to the adjacent room.
  • 3.0 Celcius is not freezing temperature. You would have to go below that. However, cold temperatures above 5.0 celsius is a strong indication that you’ve found the ghost room.

What Ghosts Have Freezing Temps As Their Evidence?

The following ghost types have freezing temps listed as one of their pieces of evidence:

There is also a reported issue of some players getting freezing temperatures while others don’t. Hopefully, these issues get fixed before the full release of Phasmophobia.

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