How To Get Fingerprints In Phasmophobia?

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How To Get Fingerprints In Phasmophobia
How To Get Fingerprints In Phasmophobia

Are you and your team in Phasmophobia struggling to get the third piece of evidence? You saw ghost orbs on the video camera and heard the ghost’s voice on the spirit box, but you don’t know what the third piece of evidence is. Maybe the ghost has touched something, but how would you know it has? It could leave behind fingerprints.

What Are Fingerprints In Phasmophobia?

After a certain type of ghost interacts with the environment, they can leave fingerprints on:

  • A light switch
  • A window
  • A door

The ghosts that leave behind fingerprints are:

While ghosts may interact with a fuse box, that doesn’t mean there will be fingerprints there.

How Do You Find Fingerprints In Phasmophobia?

You need two pieces of equipment to find fingerprints:

The glowstick needs to be activated to find fingerprints.

You can photograph the fingerprints for extra money at the end of the round, as they do count as photo evidence. If you know a fingerprint exists, you can take a photo of the door, window, or light switch without having someone shine a UV flashlight on it. This is helpful for solo players.

Keep in mind, while UV flashlights and glowsticks also show footprints (and they do count as photo evidence), they do not count as “fingerprints.” Many players make the mistake of believing footprints are fingerprints evidence as they end up making the wrong decision on the ghost type at the end of the round.

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