How To Get A Discount On Items In Omori?

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How To Get A Discount On Items In Omori

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When you first enter the Otherworld, you’ll notice the mailbox behind Mari. However, if you try to purchase anything, you’ll notice how expensive some of the items are. This isn’t good, especially if you don’t have a lot of clams coming into the Otherworld. You’ll definitely come out of the Otherworld with a lot of clams after recycling (as well as grinding through the Junkyard). However, there is a way to get a small discount on clams at the Otherworld mailbox.

Remember Hero’s Ability?

Omori Video Game Aubrey Tagged Hero

Remember Hero’s ability to charm robots after Kel made a fool of himself. Well, Robots aren’t the only thing Hero can charm.

Use Hero At The Otherworld Mailbox

Omori Video Game Mailbox Please Buy Something

If you click on the mailbox as Omori, the little laugh it does implies it’s jacking up the price of its items. 60 clams for smores? That’s highway robbery!

Fortunately, you can tag Hero in for different dialogue.

Omori Video Game Mailbox Hero Discount

If you tag in Hero, you’ll see that the mailbox thinks he is so handsome, that you’ll get a small discount on its products.

Omori Video Game Hero Discount Smores

It’s not a crazy discount, but at least you know Hero has some influence on prices.

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