How To Find The Shiny Knife In Omori?

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How To Find The Shiny Knife In Omori
How To Find The Shiny Knife In Omori

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If you’re like me, you thought the shiny knife was in the same spot if you were playing the game for a second or third time.

When I did my first playthrough of Omori to write up the first walkthrough, I found the shiny knife right away. I didn’t even know I needed to find it. I just walked outside the boundaries of the small room and found it among some creepy floating hands.

The Shiny Knife Wasn’t There In My Second Gameplay

Omori The Shiny Knife

When I started my second gameplay, I went directly to where I found the shiny knife last time, but it wasn’t there. This gameplay was the file I used to record the video walkthrough. It took a bit of walking around, getting chased by these creepy hands that, I assume, were meant to keep you from wandering too far in the white area, before I found the shiny knife again.

How Do You Find The Shiny Knife?

Omori Video Game Shiny Knife

You need to find the shiny knife in Omori to open the door to get out of this first area. However, you’re not confined to the black box of that first room. You’re free to explore; what I can only assume is, an (almost) endless white zone guarded by floating hands meant to keep you in check. You’ll have to wander around in this area to find the shiny knife.

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