How To Find The Flower Puzzle In Omori?

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How To Find The Flower Puzzle In Omori

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After your second time out of the white space, when you’re searching for Basil, you’ll find a girl named Daisy in Berly’s park.

Omori Video Game Berly Park

Omori Video Game Flower Puzzle

Daisy will tell you that she wants to give flowers to someone, but they only want puzzles. Gee, we wonder who this could be, definitely not the only kid on the playground sadly standing by an empty puzzle.

Omori Video Game Flower Empty Puzzle

We clicked on the kid, and his puzzle (and even walked around the whole park), but we couldn’t find the flower puzzle. We even walked through the entirety of the whole Vast Forest wondering where this puzzle could be, so where is the flower puzzle in Omori?

Finding The Flower Puzzle In Omori

Omori Video Game Entering Other World

Tuck your wishes of finishing the flower puzzle sidequest until later because you won’t find the flower puzzle until a little bit after entering the Otherworld. You’ll need to start the mission with Space Boyfriend and find his mixtape in the Junkyard.

Omori Video Game You Got Flower Puzzle

Once you get a bit through the Junkyard (after learning that Aubrey can smash through big blocks of trash), you’ll find an open container with a glowing item. This is the Flower Puzzle from Daisy’s quest. You can run back to her if you want, but it might be best to finish the Junkyard first.

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