How To Do The Red Humphrey Puzzle In Omori?

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How To Do The Red Humphrey Puzzle In Omori

The red Humphry puzzle in Omori is the hardest one of the three.

Omori Game Type Puzzle Theme Memorization Difficulty Hard

Although, for some reason, they put it in the middle of the console instead of the right (for those who like to work from left to right). The red puzzle requires a bit of memorization, and while it’s labeled as “hard,” it isn’t difficult once you get into the red teleporter.

Omori Game Picnic Blanket

Once you start the red Humphrey puzzle, the red teleporter will open up.

Omori Game Red Teleporter Opens Up
Omori Game Type Map With Teleporters And Squiggly Lines Indicating The Worms

Once inside, you’ll see two enemies and a computer console. Clicking on the computer console shows you a map. The circles indicate the teleporters, while the squiggly lines indicate the worms.

Now, look closely at the map. It’s the teleporter you need to go into when you see that many worm bots in the room.

  • The first room has two worm bots, so go through the north teleport.
  • The second room has three worm bots, so go through the east teleport.
  • The third room only has one worm bot, so go through the west teleport.

I’ll show you the screenshots below in order:

Omori Game North Teleport With Two Worms Port 1
Omori Game East Teleport With Three Worms Port 2
Omori Game West Teleport With One Worm Port 3
Omori Game Humprey A Room Without A Waterfall

The last one is the fourth room. The Humphry in there will tell you about the background. If you look at the background colors of each room, they’re all different and correspond to the wire colors you cut in the puzzle.

  • The first room had a blue background.
  • The second room had a green background.
  • The third room had a red background.
  • The last room had a white background.

You should cut the wires in the following order:

Omori Game Cut The Wires In The Right Order As Depicted

Let us know if this helped you clear the hard red Humphrey puzzle.

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