How To Defeat Pluto Expanded In Omori?

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How To Defeat Pluto Expanded In Omori

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Omori Game Wiki Pluto

Pluto’s been doing some flexing. Maybe it’s because he’s angry he was demoted to a dwarf planet after we all believed it was a real planet for so long. Either way, he’s pretty swole. He also has a ton of defense.

You’ll Need To use Defense-Down Items

Omori Game Wiki Pluto Expanded

Don’t expect a dwarf planet the size of the Incredible Hulk to lack in defense, especially against children. Start off with using Aubrey’s power hit to reduce its defense. Also, have Kel use a rubber band to bring the defense down even more.

Don’t Forget About His Offense

Omori Wiki Hero Is A Charmer

Remember, Hero is a charmer, so if you want Pluto Expanded’s swole arms not to hurt as much, use Hero’s “Smile” ability to reduce Pluto’s offense. It’s all about reducing how much damage your party is taking and increasing how much damage Pluto is taking when you have a free turn to attack.

Use Free Terms To Go On The Offensive

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Hero might not attack the entire fight, which is difficult to do because he has a naturally lower speed. That’s why you’ll want to keep his speed up with speed+ charms. Whenever you have a free turn where you don’t need to make defensive actions, use Omori’s “Hack Away” or Kel’s “Ricochet.” If you can afford to attack with Aubrey, “Beatdown” is a good choice. Pluto Expanded takes some strategizing, it’s not a straightforward fight, but you’ll have an easier time if you go in prepared.

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