How To Deal With One-Shot Moves In Omori?

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How To Deal With One-Shot Moves In Omori

Unless you hang around an area to grind Omori and friends before you leave, you’re always going to encounter a boss that can one-shot one of your party members. It’s fine if it’s Omori because he cannot die (as long as he’s not the last one alive). However, that’s almost never the case. They normally go straight for Kel, Aubrey, or Hero, but how can you avoid it?

Stay Stocked With Items

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There is no shortage of items in Omori. You find them around your adventures sitting in watermelons, dropped off some encounters, and purchased through the mailbox. They can get a bit pricey, but it’s worth stocking up to ensure you have plenty to use during harder boss encounters in Omori.

Do A Bit Of Grinding

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It’s always a good rule of thumb (not just in Omori, but in other roleplaying games as well) to stay ahead of the content by a couple of levels. For example, if you know the Pyrefly Forest has people coming in around level 14, try to go in around 17. That means you’ll have to do a bit of grinding to do so.

Don’t Forget The Emotion System

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One of the mistakes I’ve made through my first two playthroughs (and am still making) is getting the emotion system confused. It shouldn’t be too difficult (there are only three emotions, after all) to remember what emotion is weak or strong to the others. Happy people are stronger against angry ones; angry ones are strong against sad ones, etc. It does take some getting used to but learning the emotion system makes a huge difference in some battles. The Sweetheart boss fight in Omori, for example, is one of the hardest checks of the emotion system so far. When she makes your party angry, your party has a lower defense, which makes her attacks more devastating. They could even one-shot one party member if you’re not ready.

Following these tips will make even the most difficult boss fights in Omori relatively trivial.

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