How To Change Difficulty Levels In Phasmophobia

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How To Change Difficulty Levels In Phasmophobia
How To Change Difficulty Levels In Phasmophobia

If you’re a new player playing with other new players, you’ll probably want to stay on amateur levels. However, when you’ve leveled up to the point where you’re looking for a real challenge, then you’ll only want to play on professional levels to test your mettle, but how do you change difficulty levels in Phasmophobia?

Is There A Way To Select The Difficulty You Want?

When you open the map in Phasmophobia to select the level you want, you see the difficulty of the level, but what if you want to play a certain level on a certain difficulty? If you’re in a private party:

  • Remember the private party code, and re-join the lobby.
  • Have the new party leader check if the map you want to play is available with the right difficulty.
  • If it’s still not the right difficulty, keep cycling party leaders until you get the map and difficulty you want.

If you’re in a public party:

  • If you started a public party alone, keep making a lobby and leaving it if you don’t have the desired map and difficulty.
  • If you’re in a public party with members already, consider making a private room so you can coordinate professional runs on the maps you want to play.

The system is a bit convoluted at the moment when it comes to choosing the difficulty you want to play in Phasmophobia.

Unfortunately, the only plan right now for the developer, Kinetic Game, is to potentially allow players to select the map they want. However, there’s no mention of whether they’ll be able to choose the difficulty at will yet.

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