How To Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us

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How To Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us
How To Be the Perfect Crewmate in Among Us

One thing that is often misunderstood about Among Us is that being a Crewmate is boring. Impostors, those guys have it good. They can kill people and mess with their heads while sneaking through vents all ninja-like. Little do people acknowledge, though, is that being a Crewmate is also challenging and engaging work. You need to work as a team with your group in order to survive and win.

In this post, we’re going to show you all the ways in which you can be the best possible Crewmate and lead your team to victory.

Go with the Crowd

Wandering off on your own in Among Us is a surefire way to end up dead. What’s worse, your death will likely be in vain as no one would be around to see your killer. To ensure your survival, it’s best to adopt the buddy system and move around in small groups. Killers will be far more reluctant to attempt to kill you when there are witnesses around. Be warned, though, as large groups make it harder to spot who did the stabby stab.

Observe and Report

Having a keen eye is important as everyone is trying to act natural and do their thing. Among Us makes things more interesting by giving you tasks to do which Impostors can attempt to emulate to throw you off. When you notice someone standing in front of a task, take a look at the progress bar. If it doesn’t move after the person leaves, it’s a detail worth calling an Emergency Meeting over.

It’s All Visual

Some of the tasks in Among Us are called visualtasks because when you perform them your character does an animation that others can see. As you play the game, it’s a good idea to start learning which tasks are visual because Impostors can’t actually do them. If you see someone standing in front of a card swipe task or a trash emptying tasks and not actually animating, then you’ve got a prime suspect to toss out into the void of space.

Check for Freshness

Here’s a detail some people don’t notice: bodies stay standing for a bit after they’ve been killed. After a little bit, they fall to the ground. This is important information because it gives you an approximation of when the kill occurred. Say someone passes you by and around the corner you find a standing body. That means the person you crossed paths with was most likely the killer and now you’ve got some solid evidence against them.

Final Word

Being a Crewmate in Among Us is actually quite fun when you start diving into the little details of the game. Being aware of some of the finer points can mean the difference between life and death. So, go out there and be the best Crewmate you can be.

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