How Timing In Among Us Works

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How Timing In Among Us Works
How Timing In Among Us Works

Timing is everything when it comes to Among Us. However, timing only applies to the imposter in Among Us. You need good timing to kill another crewmate. Terrible timing can make the difference between a hilarious video or actually winning one round as an imposter in Among Us.

Why Do You Need Good Timing In Among Us?

You need good timing as an Imposter for a number of reasons:

  • You have to make sure you time a kill, so no one suspects you when they see a dead body around where they last saw you.
  • You need time when someone runs away or is heading towards a room so you can properly vent without getting caught.

You don’t want to run into this situation:

You’ll be voted off so quickly you won’t know what hit you.

However, terrible timing does make for some hilariously bad videos on the internet. Maybe bad timing in Among Us isn’t a terrible thing to be bad at?

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