How Scary Is Omori?

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How Scary Is Omori
How Scary Is Omori

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Omori is listed as a psychological horror and, while the game is listed as such on the Steam store (and has been generally advertised as one), some people have completely forgotten that fact.

It’s not surprising people have forgotten that the game is a horror game. The art and characters are so cute and vibrant that any surreal scenes really jump out to us.

Is Omori Scary?

Omori Video Game Scene

If you look at screenshots of Omori, you wouldn’t think the game was scary. You would assume it’s another RPG Maker-made game with cute storytelling. However, after all the fun and games are over, you start to feel endless tension in your back and shoulders. Maybe it’s your posture, or maybe it’s the fact that Omori keeps you tense throughout the entirety of its almost 20-hour gameplay.

People have to warn others about the fact that the game is deeply unsettling. Even when you launch the game, there’s a warning about some of the themes you’ll encounter in Omori.

It is definitely on a different level of horror.

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