How Scary Is Labyrinthine?

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How Scary Is Labyrinthine
How Scary Is Labyrinthine

The moment I opened Labyrinthine, I knew I was in for a jump scare or two. Who isn’t going to feel unsettled in a hedge maze? Even in the daytime, their whole purpose is to induce anxiety and force people inside to find their way out, so the thought of doing this in the dark with murderous creatures made me clench my jaw.

The Fear Starts Immediately

Labyrinthine Video Game Screenshot
Labyrinthine Video Game

As soon as you walk into the maze, you’re greeted with a goose wearing a hat, guiding your way. Don’t expect the goose to be around for long. If there was a guide through a real hedge maze, it wouldn’t be a very fun maze. You’ll have a funny jump scare or two in the beginning, but we won’t spoil them for you. These are more of a “why did I get scared at that?” rather than “THIS THING IS GOING TO KILL ME!” This really proves how tense you are the moment you walk into the maze.

The Environment Itself Is Creepy

Labyrinthine Game Play
Labyrinthine Game Play

When you’re not constantly peeking around the corner, hoping you won’t run into anything demonic, the environment around you gives off Five Nights At Freddy’s vibes. You’ll see things you’ve only ever seen in your nightmares. We won’t spoil anything, but don’t expect not to get a little creeped out by the environment itself.

The Creatures Themselves Are Terrifying

Labyrinthine Video Game Screenshot 2
Labyrinthine Video Game Screenshot

While we did take plenty of screenshots of the creatures themselves, we feel it would be a lot more fun for the players to see what they look like. We will spoil this for you: they change. Don’t expect to see the same creature twice (depending on how quickly you clear puzzles and move onto the next area). You’re going to see some gruesome things. Don’t expect too much of a warning that they’re coming either. You could be strolling through the maze, then all of a sudden, get the death screen.

Labyrinthine is creepy, and it will keep you on your toes. The jump scares have a scare factor of about 8 out of 10, but it’s the environment itself that really clenches your jaw tight. If you’re looking for a self-induced panic attack, Labyrinthine is the survival-horror game for you.

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