How Need For Speed, Battlefield 6 And Other EA Games Will Look Like On PS5 And Xbox Series X

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Need for Speed Heat
Need for Speed Heat

Just a few moments ago, EA showed the different video games on EA Play Live and news that we would have during the next months and years. It was highlighting the confirmation of the highly anticipated Skate 4.

However, they also showed us the graphics of those who will enjoy video games such as Need for Speed and Dragon Age 4 that will come to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Although we have not gone into too much detail, we have been able to see images and small clips of what is to come.

What Graphics Improvement You Can Expect

The future of Electronic Arts in video games passes through the new generation. Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will go on sale later this year. So, the company’s studios are already working on tomorrow’s projects.

As in conferences of the past, the North Americans company wanted to give a small look at what is to come during EA Play Live 2020. It is the digital conference in which they have presented their news. We can see some images (and some moving clips) of projects such as Need for Speed, Battlefield 6, Dragon Age or the new intellectual property of EA Motive.

It is not an in-depth introduction. Instead, it was a test of technology. The loading times of the new Need for Speed have been compared, which in the new generation are instantaneous.

From the new BioWare, a brief moment of a stage has been shown, while Battlefield 6 has promised massive battles. As for the game from the creators of Star Wars: Squadrons, we can say that it is impossible in the current generation of consoles.

That Battlefield 6 was in development was no secret. Electronic Arts itself publicly referred to this new series will go on the sale next year 2021.

Endpoint For Current DICE Projects

Both Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 5 are two veteran products on the market. Both have been receiving updates and extra content for years.

However, like all video games, everything has a beginning and an end. With very little time difference, EA DICE published several statements to confirm that the trip had come to an end.

After many months of work, the creative vision of both titles was complete. That does not mean that the game will die from one day to the next, as they are the events that will continue.

In the case of Battlefield 5, the Swedish developer chose to return to World War II. A conflict much explored in the past, but which has been more absent in recent years.

Although the game was released in late 2018 – after a slight delay – the battle royale mode wasn’t released until a few months later. The story was completed through episodes of content, so players have been able to explore other battlefronts and stories that have presented from different points of view. Now, the saga faces a new challenge on new generation platforms.

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