How Much Will Omori Cost?

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How Much Will Omori Cost
How Much Will Omori Cost

After all these years, Omori is finally around the corner, releasing later this month. However, unlike other Steam games in a state of imminent release, Omori does not have a pre-order option available. The planned release date is still set to 2020 on Steam and is not yet available. The only thing you can do on Steam is adding Omori to your wishlist and hope the Christmas release date is true.

Omori Won’t Be A Full-Priced Game

Like many indie games, we’re certain Omori won’t cost $60 or $70 like new previous or next-generation console titles. Omori is an indie title that’s been in development hell for almost a decade.

What Will Omori’s Price Be?

If we had to speculate Omori’s price (and knowing the game will be around 20 hours long), we guess Omori will cost about $20. It shouldn’t go as high as $30, but we know it won’t be as low as $9.99.

The Kickstarter Price Of The Game Was Lower

To get the digital download of Omori, you only had to pledge $15 on Kickstarter. That means the price of Omori could realistically be $14.99. However, if they were to raise the digital download price on Steam, they wouldn’t be the first to have a lower cost for a Kickstarter pre-order.

We will just have to wait and see what Omori’s cost will be when it releases next Friday, the 25th, on Christmas Day.

How Much Money Will Omori Cost?

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