How Much Is Omori on Switch and PS4?

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How Much Is Omori on Switch and PS4

Now that we know the Omori PS4 release date and Nintendo Switch release date are June 17th, 2022, we need to look at how much Omori is on the Switch and PlayStation. Omori, the critically-acclaimed game by Omocat has been available on Steam for over a year and has overwhelmingly positive reviews. Despite Omori’s cute graphics, Omocat released a game with a mature rating due to its dark theme.

Where Can You Preorder Omori on The PS4 and Switch?

For the digital version of Omori on the Nintendo Switch, you would need to check Omori’s product page on the Nintendo Store. For Omori on the Nintendo Switch, it is compatible with handheld, tabletop, and TV modes. As for Omori on the PS Store, it is not available on the PS store yet for preorder. For the Omori PS4 preorder, you would need to get the physical copy from the Omocat store. If you want to preorder Omori on the Nintendo Switch, you can do so by going to the Omocat store, clicking on the down arrow, and selecting “Nintendo Switch.”

How Much Is Omori on PS4?

The Omori game price on PS4 is listed at $34.99 on the Omocat store.

How Much Is Omori on The Switch?

The Omori game price on the Nintendo Switch is $34.99 on the same Omocat store where you can preorder Omori for the PS4.

Why Are the Price for Omori on PS4 and Switch More Expensive Than Steam?

The digital price for Omori on the Nintendo Switch store is not listed. However, the reason Omori’s price on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 is more expensive than the Steam version is that they are the physical copies. Omori PS4 preorder is not available for digital download yet. Omori Nintendo Switch preorder is also not available digitally yet. We will have to wait until June 22nd to see if Omori on the PS store will be available. For now, the only confirmed digital download available will be Omori for the Nintendo Switch.

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