How Many Chapters Are In Visage

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How Many Chapters Are In Visage
How Many Chapters Are In Visage

The relatively large suburban house in Oregon, set in the 1980s, has a haunting past. We follow Dwayne Anderson, a mysterious man who suffers from a mental illness he needs to take medications for. The pill bottles scattered throughout Visage help him manage his sanity levels. The game opens up with an apparent murder-suicide, but whether the murderer in the cutscene is Dwayne is up for players to find out.

Are There Only Two Chapters In Visage?

No, there are more than two chapters in Visage. When Visage underwent its extensive development of almost half a decade, it only had Lucy’s Chapter through 2018 before coming out with the second chapter in 2019. Those who played the early access chapters on Steam need to update their game from the 2.2 version to 3.0 to access the full game.

How Many Chapters Are In Visage?

Two more chapters were added to Visage when the game was released on October 30th, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. That means there are a total of four chapters in Visage with over 15 hours of gameplay.

  • Chapter One: Lucy’s Chapter
  • Chapter Two: Dolores’ Chapter
  • Chapter Three: Full Rakan’s Chapter
  • Chapter Four

Chapter four in Visage does not have a title, but players are tasked to find parts of a mask scattered throughout the game. If you want to activate chapter four, you would need to locate seven VHS tapes by completing the other three chapters.

Which Chapter Is The Scariest In Visage?

All the chapters in Visage are scary, but if we had to choose one, it would be Lucy’s Chapter. Nobody likes little girl ghosts, and she somehow makes the game extra creepy. We won’t go into details because we don’t want to spoil it, but if you’re going to start with a Visage chapter, we suggest starting with Lucy.

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