How Long Is Omori?

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How Long Is Omori

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Omori has been in development for some time now (over half a decade according to when their Kickstarter was funded), and it finally released on Christmas day. It’s a great Christmas gift for those who’ve waited this long for the game to release. Many are hoping a game that’s been in development for so long provides multiple hours of gameplay, but how long is Omori?

Is Omori Short?

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Anyone who says that Omori is short either only played the demo or hasn’t played the game at all. Even if you speed through the game without doing any of the side quests or getting any of the achievements, Omori is still not a short game.

How Long Is Omori?

Omori Players Overview

The demo for Omori was about four hours long. Those who just started Omori are already about two to three hours in and are still in the prologue. If you are not a completionist and just want to get through your first playthrough of the game, Omori looks to be about 15-20 hours. However, it could be a lot longer. Completionists, or those who want different endings, will end up dropping a couple of day’s worth of time in Omori.

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