How Do You Get Into The Niwa Hotel?

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How Do You Get Into The Niwa Hotel

The Niwa hotel is one of the first places you explore in The Medium. While the structure itself is falling apart, Marianne isn’t insensitive enough to simply break through the glass door. You have to find your way in.

The Medium Game Guide - I Have Nothing To Open The Door

After trying to get in through the main door, head to your right. You’ll see another door that leads into a room with a bunch of dumpsters. This looks to be the outdoor trash area. Instead of taking a rock and smashing through the glass, Marianne must find something she can use as a handle.

The Medium Game Guide - Looking For A Handle To Open The Door

Hold down your run key and run back out to the parking lot. If you’re facing the main entrance, you’ll want to take a left. You’ll also see arrows on the ground pointing you in directions you can move Marianne. Eventually, you’ll run into an abandoned car. You’ll know you’ve made it when Marianne comments on the car. Search through the car where you’ll find a postcard, and a means to pop the hood of the car. When you open the hood of the car, you’ll find a screwdriver.

The Medium Game Guide - Found A Screwdriver To Open The Door

Pick up the screwdriver and make your way back to the trash room area, where you can open the door using the screwdriver.

The Medium Game Guide - Pushing One Of The Dumpsters Outside

Walk behind one of the dumpsters and start pushing it outside. Again, I feel this is a lot more effort than just using the screwdriver to break a hole through the glass, but this is a puzzle-based video game, so common sense is usually not a thing.

The Medium Game Guide - Climbing On The Dumpster To Get Access To The NIWA Hotel

Push the dumpster to the door. Climb on top of it where you’ll finally have access to the Niwa Hotel.

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