How Do You Get Footprints In Phasmophobia?

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How Do You Get Footprints In Phasmophobia
How Do You Get Footprints In Phasmophobia

Remember when you were new to Phasmophobia, and you joined your first public game? You followed the experienced players around the house and watched them set up in the ghost room. They threw items on the floor and took pictures as you sat there awkwardly.

One thing that stood out particularly was the glowing green footprints walking across the ground. When you joined the next game, you were looking for these footprints but never got it. What did the previous group do to get these footprints?

What Items Do You Need To Get Footprints In Phasmophobia?

You need the following items to see the footprints left by a ghost as it walks around a room:

You use this combination of items to get footprints. It’s recommended to bring a digital camera too. You don’t need it to get the footprints, but you can get evidence for your journal for extra money.

How Do You Get Footprints In Phasmophobia?

It’s recommended to use the glow stick so you can have your hand free to use a digital camera. However, if you have someone else with a camera, you can use the UV flashlight.

  • Place salt on the ground, preferably at choke points where you believe the ghost will walk.
  • Have UV lights in front of (or around the salt).
  • Once the ghost steps in the salt, you will see green footprints on the ground.
  • Wraiths have a different reaction to salt. If a wraith contacts the salt, there will be a permanent increase in ghost activity.

Just remember to snap a photo of the footprints before they disappear if you want extra money at the end of the round.

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