How Do You Defeat Space Ex-Boyfriend?

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How Do You Defeat Space Ex-Boyfriend

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Space Ex-Boyfriends is one of the more difficult fights you’ll experience at this point in Omori. You’ve fought a small boss or two, but this one is the first real deal. You’ll need to pay attention to the emotion trinity (happy, sad, angry).

Omori Game Wiki Omori Stabs Space Ex-Boyfriend

As the fight with Space Ex-Boyfriend progresses, you’ll notice he gets angrier. During my first two playthroughs (I’m playing both almost simultaneously), I never quite grasped the emotion system in Omori. I even believed you needed to make them all sad in one of the gameplay videos before my partner corrected me. Making them sad will only make an angry opponent (in this case, Space Ex-Boyfriend) even stronger against them.

Omori Game Wiki Kel Attacks Space Ex-Boyfriend

Eventually, Space Ex-Boyfriend will become even more furious. If you notice in this screenshot, Hero and Omori are both sad. My mistake was not making them happy. If you use Aubrey’s Pep Talk (or confetti), his angry attacks will be less effective. I made this fight harder on myself than I should have. That’s why it’s important early on in the fight to go on the defensive until you can make everyone’s emotions happy. That will make the Space Ex-Boyfriend fight a breeze.

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