How Do I Fix The Engine Error: No Free Edicts In Left 4 Dead 2?

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How Do I Fix The Engine Error No Free Edicts In Left 4 Dead 2

No one likes getting errors in their video game, but some engine errors plague Left 4 Dead if not taken care of. Sure, you can use Steam’s generic way of fixing things, which is to verify a game cache’s integrity, but that may not work with this error. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to fix the no free edicts engine error in Left 4 Dead 2.

Are You A Player?

Left 4 Dead 4 Scenery

If you’re a player who is merely using a map created by a modder, then there’s nothing you can really do on your end. The issue needs to be taken care of by the map modder themselves. They may have used too many details on their map, which is causing issues.

Are You A Map Modder?

Left 4 Dead 4 Map

If you’re a map modder getting contacted by those playing your map mod, and you’re getting “Engine Error: No Free Edicts,” then there are a couple of steps you can take:

  1. Remove details you don’t think are necessary
  2. Use prop_static
  3. Reduce the size of your area or create more chapters if you find yourself using too many assets in one area
  4. Reduce how much ent data you use (such as block or point entities)

Follow these steps, and you should solve this specific engine error.

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