How Do I Confirm In Omori?

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How Do I Confirm In Omori
How Do I Confirm In Omori

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One of the first things we noticed, as soon as we booted up Omori for the first time, was that we couldn’t select anything. We were so used to pressing “Enter” to select or confirm in video games that it took going through almost every key on our keyboard until we could select the Options Menu in Omori to confirm the keyboard controls.

How Do I Select Confirm In Omori?

Omori Video Game Setting Controls

If you’ve managed to navigate your way to the Options menu in Omori, you’ll have a couple of options to confirm:

  • On the keyboard, press “Z” to confirm.
  • On the gamepad, press “A” to confirm.

Be careful about mapping your own keys. There was a crashing, but Omocat should have hotfixed, but if you’re still experiencing it, then use the default controls option until you’re comfortable with the controls in Omori.

Omori Video Game Kel Dialogue

Whether you want to use a gamepad or the controller in Omori is up to you. So far, the game is really beautiful, but it’s difficult for people who can’t grasp Omori’s default controls. It just takes some muscle memory.

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