How Do Emotions Work In Omori?

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How Do Emotions Work In Omori
How Do Emotions Work In Omori

Part One Written Guide

Part One Gameplay

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When you do your first couple of battles in Omori, you’ll notice both your party and the enemies you’re fighting have emotions. Each emotion has strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a quick look at the emotion system in Omori.

What Are The Emotions In Omori?

Omori Video Game Emotions Fight Or Run

After finishing hide-and-seek in the park with Berly, you encounter a boss named Boss that gives you a quick (yet unexplained) look into the battle system. You don’t get an explanation of emotions until you finish your time at the park and start heading south towards Basil’s house.

Omori Video Game Emotions Impact Scene

A Quick Breakdown Of The Emotion System In Omori

Omori Video Game Emotions System Overview

Omori has the following emotions:

  • Neutral
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Happy

Each emotion has its own strength and weaknesses:

  • Sad players/enemies have a higher defense but lower speed.
  • Happy players/enemies have increased luck and speed with lower accuracy.
  • Angry players/enemies have a higher attack but lower defense.

Each player in the party has their own abilities that can buff or debuff (or basically “change”) the emotions of other party members or enemies.

It’s all about getting used to the system of emotions in Omori and figuring out what works best during different fights.

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