How Did I Get A Mare In Phasmophobia

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How Did I Get A Mare In Phasmophobia
How Did I Get A Mare In Phasmophobia

Every ghost type in Phasmophobia has a tell. In the case of a Mare, you’re dealing with:

  • A ghost that’s stronger in the dark.
  • A ghost that switches off the fuse box more often than other ghosts.
  • A ghost almost as aggressive as demons to lower-sanity players (especially in the dark).

While players strategize how to deal with a Mare, they’re doing their simple approach to killing players. However, we’ve had a couple of rounds where all signs pointed towards a Mare, and we swear we got all three pieces of evidence, but it ended up being something else.

What Are The Three Pieces Of Evidence For A Mare?

While the fuse box going out and the ghost hunting more often in the dark points towards a Mare, you want to make sure you have all three pieces of evidence to indicate its presence:

Unfortunately, there are a couple of easy-to-make mistakes when dealing with a Mare.

Freezing Temperatures Weren’t Confirmed

Freezing temperatures in Phasmophobia are temperatures below 0°C/32°F on the thermometer. However, people automatically assume if they see something like 5°C/40.9°F, they can ditch their thermometer and claim they have freezing temperatures. They might also see the smoke from a smudge stick and assume they can see their own breath.

Mistakenly Seeing Ghost Orbs

Players often mistake the flash from other players’ flashlights on night vision. They might also believe they see ghost orbs because a light flickered in a different room. However, they confused ghost orbs; sometimes, it might just be the eye playing tricks. Make sure you get a second pair of eyes to look for ghost orbs to make sure you’re not seeing things.

They Mistake Radio Chat As A Spirit Box

It’s not difficult to discern the voices between a radio and a spirit box, but when your anxiety and adrenaline are running high, you might hear another player’s voice instead of the spirit box. You need to make sure all is clear on the radio before trying to get a response on the spirit box again.

Don’t let a Mare’s tells confuse you. If the lights go out, don’t automatically assume it’s a Mare. We’ve been burned a few times before when we had trouble collecting evidence in Phasmophobia only to say, “Well, since it turned off the fuse box and is aggressive, it must be a Mare.”

Long story short, don’t assume.

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