How Cool Would Night Vision Goggles Be In Phasmophobia

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How Cool Would Night Vision Goggles Be In Phasmophobia
How Cool Would Night Vision Goggles Be In Phasmophobia

There’s already so much equipment we fill up a ghost room with during rounds in Phasmophobia. We also already have head-mounted cameras for the person in the truck to watch as we’re screaming around a house. However, we’re not able to see the night vision through our own head-mounted cameras because, well, they’re on our heads.

Should We Have Night Vision Goggles In Phasmophobia?

Yes, we should have night vision goggles in Phasmophobia. They would operate almost exactly as a head-mounted camera, except we could see them ourselves. There are a couple of reasons why we believe Kinetic Games should add night vision goggles:

  • They’re great for solo players to see ghost orbs. Instead of wasting time setting up video cameras and running back to the truck, they could simply see ghost orbs right in front of them.
  • It’s a good idea for players whose other teammates died who still need the ghost orbs objective. This saves time running back to the truck.
  • This frees the truck person up to watch the boards behind them instead of keeping their eyes glued to the one monitor we have trying to swap between all the head-mounted and video cameras.

What Else Should The Night Vision Goggles In Phasmophobia Do?

If you want that extra creepy factor, instead of only looking for ghost orbs, players who switch on the night vision goggles can see things players who aren’t using them don’t. That’s why we think they should limit the night vision goggles to one per round. That means only one person gets to wear them, instead of everyone running around looking like they belong in a Splinter Cell game. This also doesn’t completely nullify the purpose of the head-mounted camera.

Do you think night vision goggles in Phasmophobia is a good idea?

Do you have any more Phasmophobia questions? If you ask us here, we might publish a guide for it. If you have any additional questions or are looking for other players to play with, check out the Phasmophobia Hunters Discord.

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