How Come The Key Is Transparent In Omori?

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How Come The Key Is Transparent In Omori

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So you’ve come across one of the elusive keys in Omori that you need to finish the Hangman game. It’s clearly there in front of you, but you’re not able to click it. Why not?

The Junkyard

Omori Game Wiki The Junkyard

The first instance where you run into this issue is the Junkyard in Omori. You need to switch to Aubrey to retrieve the key from behind the block of metal that only she can break. However, when you walk up to the key after tagging in Aubrey, you’re not able to grab it because it’s transparent, so what do you do?

Only Omori Can Grab Keys

Omori Game Wiki Only Omori Can Pick Up Key

If you haven’t figured it out yet, then you should know: only Omori can grab keys. If you try tagging in anyone else to grab the E key after the Space Ex-Boyfriend fight, you’ll see the key become transparent. However, if you tag Omori back in, then he can grab the key.

Make sure before you grab any key to switch to Omori.

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