How Come I Can’t Use The Train At The Train Station In Omori?

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How Come I Can’t Use The Train At The Train Station In Omori

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Omori Game Wiki You Got Train Pass

After defeating Space Ex-Boyfriend, he gives you a train pass in exchange for being a jerk. We’re not sure why someone who can travel the universe in his own ship with his own crew had a train pass in the first place, but it is what it is.

Omori Game Wiki That Is Very Nice Too Kel

After Captain Spaceboy (formerly Space Ex-Boyfriend) gives you the train pass, the first thing anyone thinks to do is use Pluto’s Spaceline to head back down to the Vast Forest and head towards the train station.

Unfortunately, even with a train pass, you’re still not able to use the train, so what gives?

Omori Game Wiki What Next

It looks like you were too eager to get out of the Otherworld. You weren’t supposed to take Pluto out of the Otherworld; you were supposed to head back down to the ladder where you came to see a shadowy figure leading you where you need to go next after defeating Space Ex-Boyfriend.

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