How Can You Tell The Ghost Type In Ghost Hunters Corp?

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How Can You Tell The Ghost Type In Ghost Hunters Corp

Much like Phasmophobia, Ghost Hunters Corp has different ghost types. Officially, these ghosts in Ghost Hunters Corp are referred to as entities and there are five categories:

  • Poltergeist
  • Shadowy
  • Revenant
  • Childlike
  • Daemon

You might be familiar with some of the names if you’ve played Phasmophobia and, yes, the revenants in Ghost Hunters Corp are just as terrifying and fast, but how can you tell the difference between the ghosts (entities) in Ghost Hunters Corp?

The Daemon

Ghost Hunters Corp Ghost Type Daemon

There are different ghost models in Ghost Hunters Corp and they’re all distinguishable, but we’ll talk specifically about the Daemon. The Daemon can look like any of the known entities in the game. A poltergeist is see-through, a childlike is smaller, and a revenant is normally deformed.

Ghost Hunters Corp Ghost Type Poltergeist

However, don’t automatically assume that a small ghost is a child. You will have to make sure you rule out the possibility of it being a Daemon. A Daemon in Ghost Hunters Corp has very specific behavior. You’ll hear a laugh, that does count as voices in the house, and it will either be a low demonic laugh or a creepy one.

Ghost Hunters Corp Ghost Type Childlike

The other ghosts are distinguished by their looks:

  • A shadow will have a dark outline
  • A poltergeist will be green (and see-through)
  • A revenant will crawl or be deformed
  • A child will be shorter
  • A daemon can look like any of them, you would have to tell be its behavior

Have you identified all the different ghost types in Ghost Hunters Corp?

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