How Can You Save In The Medium?

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How Can You Save In The Medium
How Can You Save In The Medium

We’ve been so spoiled with save points that the moment we find one; we know there’s going to be a boss or something difficult ahead. However, if you’re playing The Medium, you might notice something different when it comes to saves.

Are There Save Points In The Medium?

The Medium Game - Marianne I Can Not Believe It Is All Still Here
The Medium Game – Marianne I Can Not Believe It Is All Still Here.

So you’re about thirty or forty-five minutes into The Medium, and you want to save so you can grab something to eat or go to the bathroom. That’s understandable; you don’t want anything catastrophic to happen, like a power outage when you’re away from the computer that wipes out your progress.

However, no matter where you look, you can’t find a save point in The Medium. Unfortunately, there are none, but that doesn’t mean you have to finish the game in one sitting.

How Can You Save In The Medium?

The Medium Game Marianne Walking Out Of The Door

Just because there are no save points doesn’t mean the game doesn’t save. When you see a butterfly in the corner of your screen, that means the game is autosaving. That looks to be the only option for saving. Fortunately, the game saves often, but you’re not able to save whenever you want just by opening the menu.

The Medium Video Game Overview On Different Game Save Points

You will have several save points to choose from if you’re stuck at a certain point or experience a glitch in the game where you can’t progress. It’s not a bad system, but it would have been nice to have both an autosave system and a manual save system, similar to Skyrim.

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