How Can You Move The Camera In The Medium?

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How Can You Move The Camera In The Medium

If you’re playing The Medium for the first time, you’ll notice something interesting (especially those who play on the gamepad controller), the right joystick doesn’t move your camera around. It might sound tedious, especially if you would like to know what’s around the corner, but is it possible to move the camera angle?

How Can You Move The Camera Angle In The Medium?

The Medium Video Game - Marianne Walking Through The Door

Understandably, newer gamers aren’t used to the fixed camera angle system. The fixed camera angle was one used in the old Resident Evil games and other old survival horror games. Resident Evil was the one that popularized the fixed camera angle for the purpose of creating tension in the game. Silent Hill, the series The Medium is closely compared to, used a combination of fixed camera angles and third-person camera angles.

The Medium Video Game - Marianne Walking

However, The Medium only uses a fixed camera angle (with some scenes letting you move the camera around using the right joystick, for gamepad players). That means you’re not able to move the camera around to see what’s around the corner or lurking behind a doorway for most of the game.

The Medium is a very cinematic and story-driven game, so while others aren’t used to fixed-camera angles, it adds to The Medium’s beauty.

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