House On The Hill Review: Another Walking Simulator

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House On The Hill Review Another Walking Simulator

At first glance, House On The Hill looks like another physiological-horror “walking simulator” that basically has you walking through a house and getting spooked out of your pants. These types of games came into prominence after P.T., Slenderman, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, and Visage.

The House On The Hill game is a first-person horror that promises different walkthroughs through a mansion filled with dozens of rooms. You play as a thief who is on their last major job of recovering a jewel from this secluded mansion. However, the mansion is filled with mysteries and horrific madness. The game boasts five stories in the same mansion, similar to the different chapters of Visage, as you play through a non-linear walkthrough of the title.

The Game Is Terrifying, But Very Misleading

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If you read through the description of the game on its Steam page, the game boasts its non-linear storyline. However, you’re not able to explore the mansion at your own will, as the description says. It’s actually a very linear horror title. Despite the misleading description, the game is very spooky. The developer, Steppe Hare Studio, did a great job on the graphics.

Five Stories, All Relatively Short

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When you think of “replayability” or new paths or stories to take, you think the game would be a little longer. However, without much of a choice where you can go despite the description telling you that it’s “open for you to explore,” you pretty much have to undertake each story as they come. It’s not really separate walk-throughs of the game, as the description suggests, and you can finish them all in under two hours.

The Perfect Price

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While this does look like another walking simulator with hefty (but unfulfilled) promises, you can’t beat the price of a burger. The House On The Hill is only $6.99 on Steam. You’ll get more than your fair share of interesting puzzles and mechanics as you explore the mansion and get spooked around almost every corner.

Our Verdict:

If it weren’t for the misleading description, we would give this a higher score. However, the developers need to look into changing the description before risking more negative reviews based on empty promises. However, if you’re looking for an above-average walking simulator, then the House On The Hill is the perfect horror title for you.

Score: 6/10

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